Oregano is one of the most famous Mediterranean aromatic plant growing all around western and southern Turkey, to be more specific from Troia to Mersin. For centuries it was collected and gathered by herbalists and spice lovers. But in the last decade farming (Origanum onites) has become the most important source and now dominating the international market.

According to Aegean Exporters Association statistics Turkey is exporting around 15.000 tons Oregano every year.

Oregano is used either as a culinary spice or pharmaceutical purposes. It is known that Oregano is antibacterial and antifungal material. As a folk remedy it is used as herbal tea and known for curing cold, stomach pains and reducing blood sugar. Oregano's Oil also has been extracted and used for industrial purposes and keeping foods fresh.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) are substances produced by certain plant species to protect themselves from predators (e.g. insects and grazing animals).

Depending on the amount ingested, some PAs can be toxic to humans and animals, mainly affecting the liver and lungs. In addition, 1,2-unsaturated PAs in particular have genotoxic and carcinogenic potential. Because of their harmful potential, PA are undesirablein plant-based raw materials.

We are checking PA content of our Oregano lots and assuring to be below 1000 ppm according to Regulation (EU) No. 2020/20402, which will apply from 01.07.2022

Harvesting period : June-July

Packing : 10 kg net paperbags

Volatile (Essential) Oil guarenteed for PURE OREGANO : 3%


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